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Business Loan is an unsecured loan for Business use which does not require any security or collateral, it can be availed for working capital, purchasing equipment, sudden business requirement and other valid purposes.

Running a business is never an easy task. One is bound to face financial hiccups during the process. Whether you are a new generation entrepreneur venturing into a new business or an established businessman planning for a business expansion, financial institutions offer the business loan to bail you out of the situation of such financial crunch.

Whether its money required for an immediate official expansion or it could be the time of recession, when payments don't come on time but the expenditures can't wait. The business loans ease your way through a scary road of financial crisis and open the world of new business heights for you.

But running for business loans from pillar to pillar could be the most tiring job. We at EasyCapital, have tied up with some of the renowned Business Loan providers of India, offering loans at the most competitive interest rates. So, stop moving door to door in search of the cheapest business loans. Just fill our online application form and broadcast your business requirement to these institutions. If you fit into their bill, you will surely get a call from them within 48 hours.

Benefits of Business Loan

  • Loans for self-employed individuals & professionals
  • Special loans for doctors, chartered accountants, engineers, architects, company secretaries, and ICWAI graduates
  • Loans are available from Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 500 lakhs for any purpose depending on your requirement.
  • Flexible repayment options, ranging from 12 to 36 months
  • Hassle-free loans - No security/guarantor/collateral required
  • Repay with easy EMIs
  • Balance transfer facility to retire any higher cost debt
  • Simple procedure, minimal documentation, & quick approval


Who is Eligible for Business Loan?

  1. A person with stable monthly income is eligible for Business Loan.
  2. Business Person with stable income & business
  3. A partnership or a Pvt. Ltd. company
  4. Professionals with stable income & business