You could be a victim of Identity theft! How to protect your user id on internet


These days, a click on the mouse or a finger swipe on a smart phone helps us shop for jewellery, apparels, and movie tickets, and also pay utility bills.  But how many of us ensure that the payment gateway is safe and secure? Lets us learn from the story of three professionals who take utmost care in doing online financial transactions.
Aradhna Munshi (name changed), a 32-year old author keeps an online and offline diary of her bank accounts, debit, credit card numbers, folio number of funds, insurance policy numbers, user names and passwords of online bank accounts, etc. While doing online transactions with her bank, she prefers to use her own laptop and then the virtual keyboard option to enter the passwords.
Jayant Pawania, a 35 year old banker, however, prefers to memorise his important user ids and passwords through an algorithm in his mind. He finds it risky to keep such crucial details at one place. On the other hand, Mohit Sareen, a 40 year old technology entrepreneur takes help of highly secure software (available online) to store such personal details. Despite being a techie, he doesn't get enticed by offers or promotional links on social media websites, as most of the times, they contain viruses that can take away important information from the computer. Also, while making online payments, Mohit looks at some pointers-lock sign appearing at the bottom of the web page or a coloured strip at the beginning of the web address as an indication of a highly secured payment gateway.
So, next time around when you are in a rush to book the movie ticket or to order a DVD, don't forget to follow these rules:
1. Check the credentials of the website before giving out details such as bank account or credit card number.
2. Avoid making financial transactions on an unknown computer or in cyber cafes.
3. Don't click on promising email links in your mailbox.
4. Don't save user id and password details in your mobile phones.
5. Memorise sensitive information or keep it in a secure manner.

Created: February 18th, 2013 12:56 PM